How to choosing the right bulb?

Choosing the right bulb is easy. Just follow these 3 steps:

  • 1) Check which base you need

    Firstly, you need see what type of LED you need. You can find this out be either checking the existing light fitting, or the base of the bulb you wish to replace.

  • 2) Decide on the brightness

    Brightness is measured in lumens. More lumens = a higher brightness. If you’re replacing an older lighting source (like halogen or incandescent) you probably want to know what lumen output you need to replace your current bulb.
    All of our products come with halogen equivalents to help you choose.

  • 3) Finally, pick your light colour

    Unlike incandescent and halogen lamps - which can only offer a single set light colour - LEDs can offer 3 different shades of white light:

    • Warm White – the most popular colour we sell, is often used in living areas and gives off a softer glow.
    • Cool White – produces a fresh, energising light often used in kitchens and bathrooms
    • Daylight – is a mix between the two and brings the neutrality of outdoors, inside.